maya on linux (ubuntu x64)

i have seen this topic on few different blogs already. each has its pros /cons as always, here is my attempt
these notes will
  • install license / docs
  • install maya, update sp1, sp1a
  • install Cutter ( Best MEL IDE )
  • maya mouse icon issue fix
  • maya compiz conflict fix
  • maya file dialog issue fix (default is useless)
  • maya color scheme update (dark)
install MAYA
Install RPM Package Manager (maya installer came in rpm files, used for fedora / redhat installers). we can use alien to convert rpm's to deb's but heavy/time taking(not interested)
sudo apt-get install rpm
sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/rpm
Install csh-shell (use synaptic, if possible)
sudo apt-get install csh
Create Maya-Temp directory
sudo mkdir /usr/tmp
sudo chmod 777 /usr/tmp2 Install Maya-RPMs
Install docs / licensing (assuming maya installer files in /desktop/maya)
cd /Desktop/maya
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps AWCommon-11.5-19.i686.rpm Maya2009_0_64-docs_en_US-2009.0-63.x86_64.rpm
Get MAC Address
type command below and note down your mac address (12 digit number)
Update License
sudo gedit aw.dat
replace "host_id" with "your mac address", save n exit
incase you don't know what to do then type
sudo wine awkeygen.exe aw.dat
sudo gedit aw.dat(again to check updated file)
keep this modified file ready, so when maya asks you can give this file
Install Maya / then update sp1 and sp1a
cd /Desktop/maya
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps Maya2009_0_64-2009.0-101.x86_64.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps autodesk_maya_2009sp1_linux64.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps autodesk_maya_2009sp1a_linux64.rpm
Running Maya properly(maya icon is in graphics, not properly visible)
graphics to make shortcut at proper place for apps manually installed
sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/
-- it will open file in terminal. type code below as per liking
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Autodesk Maya 2009 (64-bit)
Comment=Run Autodesk Maya 2009 (64-bit)
Exec=csh /usr/autodesk/maya2009-x64/bin/maya
1- download cutter / copy jar file in /opt/Cutter/
2- creating desktop icon
sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/Cutter.desktop
copy paste following lines
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Cutter IDE
Exec=gnome-terminal -x bash -c "cd /opt/cutter; java -classpath .:/opt/cutter/cutter.jar Cutter"
## fixing double click speed issue
create ".Xresouces" on your home folder and add line
save, logout and login
xtra bonus
maya mouse icon issue fix
in the /home/lala/maya/2009-x64/Maya.env file
maya compiz conflict fix

sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf
in the “Extensions” section MAKE SURE to have:

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "false"
maya file dialog issue fix (default is useless)

download file:
Extract all .mel and .sh files from this zip file to your scripts folder ($HOME/maya/(maya version)/scripts/).
Create the file $HOME/maya/(maya version)/scripts/userSetup.mel if it doesn't already exist, and then using a text editor, paste the following two lines into it and save it:
in my case, it worked.
thread that helped
maya color scheme update (dark)
download file:
Create a folder called "app-defaults" in your home area and copy above file, restart maya
maya missing fonts (texture names missing from below of texture nodes)Download and install the following rpm or .deb files (names vary slightly so make a search for something similar:1. xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-75dpi
2. xorg-x11-fonts-75dpi
3. Xinet.d
4. tcsh
5. libXp (for both .i386 .x86_64)
6. libXp-devel (for both .i386 .x86_64
7. mesa-libGLw mesa-libGLw-devel )
8. gamin-devel (for
9. Autofs

update:: after few months
mapy works on linux x64 with scite
previously i have been using Cutter, and its really good for MEL. in my case, it didn't work well for python and maya.
i had heard previously a lot about mapy and tried it few times, but it never worked in linux. but this time it worked. here are precise steps to make sure that it worked
1- download mapy installation from ( google groups )
file: mapy.301.Linux_x64.tar.bz2

2- its a zip file, unload all of its contents to a folder "" and place this folder in "/usr/local"
3- make sure you own / read-write (rights) on this folder
4- offcourse, i m assuming u have install scite already from yum/synaptic (whatever version)
5- update scite files (which came with mapy) to your scite installation e.g (mapy scite files will be at: /usr/local/ also it is critical for 2 files (mel / python)
6- after copying those files, edit them in gedit or scite and update your paths at end. critical note is: they are looking for "". remember that this is inside "src" folder of downloaded / installed place.
e.g file in scite (installed) : /usr/share/scite/
cMel=python "/usr/local/" "$(FilePath)"
same goes for python in relevancy offcourse :)
if u tried and it didn't worked, let me know, i'll try to write more detailed steps. in my case it worked for sure (office / home) no paths updating in env or py
ok, to sync it with mapy, run port command in maya on start up (commandPort -n ":29555";)
for mel execution (F5) for python execution (ctrl+2) works
comments from previous blog

if using kde, then default scite 1.x might not work,
get updated version 2.x from “getDeb” website. then compare three files from previous farsheed version
mel properties file
python properties file
global properties file
and off course previous changes and it will work

I tried to install mapy but I have not been successful.
I installed scite then I overwrite the files with those supplied with mapy,but the mapy version does not work.
Using Ubuntu and overwriting files Ottens two versions of a Scite . one it works with python and the other the mapy version does not work.
I noticed that in Ubuntu install scite is written in lower case whereas in the mapy is written SciTE and not find the various languages.
Could you kindly give a more detailed guide to installing on ubuntu especially in Section 5 and 6 of your guide.
Keep in mind the difference between the versions of SciTE SciTE and ubuntu.
Also you can automatically launch commandPort-n “: 29555th? ;at Maya startup ?
Thanks Francesco
udpate:: again after few months
i know pymel and eclipse and eclipse plugin from creative crash worked. will write notes soon...