Film Factory another shop (hopefully last)

in 2014 last quarter, i finally joined a company named FilmFactory with a hope that it would be end of job carrier. still working there, first 3 months, i was working with extremely small team for vfx work on a project. majorly greenscreen, wireremoval, cg extensions etc, which was offcourse very fun and huge learning experience. few shots and breakdowns of project

Frag Games (awesome memory)

After finishing my contract at Creative Village in March 2013, i joined a Game Studio named FRAG as Lead Technical Artist. Being a young company, my job was to primarily work after assets preparation. This includes Rigging and Animation for Project named SR (Sorcerer's Ring). Working in games after 8 years was definitely fun. Lot has changed since then. This was first time,i had a chance to work with unity. As i have to deliver finished animation files in unity.
Few game animation videos from frag vimeo channel are here(on which i worked) all assets were offcourse prepared by wonderful team of Artists ( Kabir Talib, Jawad, Sana , Nada, Shuja).

As we were reaching near end of game project, couple of free week, i worked on small cinematic in AE, for which Artwork was done by Sana.

Reason for awesome memories, other than cool work environment

  • Product and Game Design thought process and refinements.
  • Closely observe and learn agile workflow.
  • How team of tallented ppl possibly can create fun and beautiful game.
  • One of most interesting thing, i had a chance to do at that time was. Do all in game cinematic animatoins in unity. At that point in time, two famous cut scene editor plugins were available and i picked one of them named () .unfortunately, i never find time at frag to compile that by anymeans...

Wireframe InternalArtwork - Unity Port Experiment - Documentation

This post is dedicated to an old Genius Friend of mine named Ahmed Siddique. As i owe him that credit ("GENIUS") from quite some time. Coincidently, post is also about work i did with him. Once again i wanted to mention thanks for permitting me to show this here and or elsewhere.

Brighto Paints Live Coat Documentation / Status

i might have to work on this after six months. thought was to document where i am leaving so continuing wasn't that big headache. it was typical intresting project for tech cg artist like me. lot of plans ahead, time is only constraint right now.

CreativeSect Photoshop automation(csv) documentaiton.

EDIT : 2013 / 08 ( source uploaded )
One of my friends (Creative Sect) have to finish project with EBooks website. where they have finished first 500 designs and then wanted remaining 25000 designs automatically from photohop from database (excel / csv). it took me almost 2 days to write tool for them.

  • adobe scripting via javascript. its ok/good. but not ideal(one should work)
  • next time, i'll prefer python.this guy looks good.

Creative Village maxscripts demo / features

I recently finished contract with creative village studio as technical director. It was definitely very interesting project. I have learned so much. this video shows what had been went into production after development. I'll share more about whats in development later on..

creativeV_Tools for blender

I had been studying blender python (bpy) from last few months and its amazing. creativev tools is small set of functions, which i wrote in last few months to help my collegues. Primarily to make sure, animators can use motion capture data on our character rigs and refine/cleanup with slightly more ease.

master tiles logo splash(realflow study)

recently, for some reason, i have to develop a single splash image for a logo for some agency. day1, i attempted to save my a** using simple stuff, Glu-3d. water shaders etc and soon, i realized. that i have to dig more detail. so i started with real flow. keep browsing documentation and common knowledge on internet (including youtube). i was able to solve two basic sims, with different parameters setup for behavior and slightly different physics conditions....

then i render multiple frames from this sim ( same camera angle) ... almost 10. with few different passes. mainly for transparency, reflections and colors....

4d render farm ( flex development notes )

few months ago, i was contacted by an friend company (cgmentor) for project named '4drenderfarm'. they were starting company to provide services in network rendering for 3dsmax(initially). i developed their client application (desktop) and 3dsmax  script to package everything from 3dsmax and send to their ftp server.

it was simple and interesting project as i am learning more and more development familiarity. most of stuff was simple, except for the fact, that first time, i had chance to touch php. huge thanks for all the guidance from my friend Alvi @ evolve. rough workflow steps were as follow

Traffic Awareness Campaign, more flash dev..

few months ago, i was hired by Saudi Elan for flash game dev project.
project was about Traffic Awareness Campaign, which SaudiAramCo was conducting in whole middle east region.
Few USP's which i remembered after few months were..
  • total 5 games, packaged in a CD, decently designed.
  • lot of educational / reading content (traffic rules for kids etc)
  • whole project was MultiLingual. As you insert CD, you can choose your language, all content and games will be shown in relevant language
  • extremely cultural values shown in project, graphics / animation etc
  • 60,000 copies of CD distributes to whole middle east kids... wow.
roughly as per my memory, content was about

Paragliding Trip (Training 101)

last month, few friends of mine made sudden decision for three days paragliding training. here are few pics, before i erase them and small video, which i put togeather from all different useless clips. cheers...