Frag Games (awesome memory)

After finishing my contract at Creative Village in March 2013, i joined a Game Studio named FRAG as Lead Technical Artist. Being a young company, my job was to primarily work after assets preparation. This includes Rigging and Animation for Project named SR (Sorcerer's Ring). Working in games after 8 years was definitely fun. Lot has changed since then. This was first time,i had a chance to work with unity. As i have to deliver finished animation files in unity.
Few game animation videos from frag vimeo channel are here(on which i worked) all assets were offcourse prepared by wonderful team of Artists ( Kabir Talib, Jawad, Sana , Nada, Shuja).

As we were reaching near end of game project, couple of free week, i worked on small cinematic in AE, for which Artwork was done by Sana.

Reason for awesome memories, other than cool work environment

  • Product and Game Design thought process and refinements.
  • Closely observe and learn agile workflow.
  • How team of tallented ppl possibly can create fun and beautiful game.
  • One of most interesting thing, i had a chance to do at that time was. Do all in game cinematic animatoins in unity. At that point in time, two famous cut scene editor plugins were available and i picked one of them named () .unfortunately, i never find time at frag to compile that by anymeans...

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