Wireframe InternalArtwork - Unity Port Experiment - Documentation

This post is dedicated to an old Genius Friend of mine named Ahmed Siddique. As i owe him that credit ("GENIUS") from quite some time. Coincidently, post is also about work i did with him. Once again i wanted to mention thanks for permitting me to show this here and or elsewhere.

I forgot to mention few critical credits in video. So here we go Level Export and Unity GI Setup was done by my friend Adnan and UI Design was done by Sohaib.


  1. Oh lala jee, you're being kind with mentioning credits for such little thing like UI that's not even designed. :)

    However, the Credits for actual Game Content: Characters, Creatures, Level Designs, and Animations are worth mentioning. :)

  2. i wasn't showing game content, i was documenting what i did and why i did, before i forgets and stuck with similar problem again. How ever your idea is totally not bad. You could talk to ahmed, create videos of everything you guys did, put them online at one place and give credits to orginal artist. Most probably, ahmed shouldn't problem with that.