master tiles logo splash(realflow study)

recently, for some reason, i have to develop a single splash image for a logo for some agency. day1, i attempted to save my a** using simple stuff, Glu-3d. water shaders etc and soon, i realized. that i have to dig more detail. so i started with real flow. keep browsing documentation and common knowledge on internet (including youtube). i was able to solve two basic sims, with different parameters setup for behavior and slightly different physics conditions....

then i render multiple frames from this sim ( same camera angle) ... almost 10. with few different passes. mainly for transparency, reflections and colors....

then a friend - colleague designer (usman), helped me to sample those together to get final feel as required by client.

lastly, when i was finishing and delivering, i had a chance to watch
only regret is, i watched this after finishing splash. Just incase, if anyone in world wanted to use realflow for splash stuff. please please do watch this. its extremely good and extremely useful stuff. very nicely explained.
cheers, lala

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