Fred Doc 01

FrED is small web based application developed in house at FF for following reasons(needs).
  • Employee Attendance Management
  • Employee Performance Rating system.
  • Employee Holidays consumption
  • Employee Overtime monitoring.
  • Making all above transparent / clear to user in team. so one can compare his week over other team members etc.
I wasn't sure, it will help me that much to keep moral high, if i had idea, we have done it earlier. I can imagine huge / small open source HR systems, but truly wasn't sure, its worth searching as i was more sure about what i expected as employee in last 15 years.

Ali (colleague) worked on it as developer, i helped him design / conceive details. Its written in python(entirely).

Application scope:
  • Server app (using flask) - deployed on local server (Ubuntu)
  • Client app (using pyside)- deployed on each node ( OS boot)  

Hopefully will be our first contribution to open source some day if it gets bit more completion for user roles management, currently a bit hard-coded in sq-lite.

User Experience:
  • as person boots OS (client app, opens from tray, ask to mark in for logged user or request to log in)
  • or person can open server from browser (http://server:5000) and do same process
  • browser also shows a simple unique new quote (inspiration)
  • person can view his details average (Time In / Out / Working Hours)
  • person can view his/her leaves / working hours etc
  • person can view his performance comparing to his relevant team.
  • supervisors can mark reporting ppl performance per week

RULES for performance
  • 2.5 score - come one time (limit 10 am) 24 hours late per week total limit to lose that score.
  • 2.5 score - complete 48 working hours (minimum)
  • 5.0 score - review from supervisor on assigned tasks
  • 1.0 score - extra measure supervisor have.
  • user can score 11 / 10 if performed really well and on time.:)
Python Client
it has only 3 intentions initially and was working fine, then we broke some features in mid, and hopefully will come back soon.
  • show pop up as pc gets on (user won't forget to mark TimeIn)
  • work as central tool to maintain updates of all art tools customization from server (blender/natron/maya/nuke)
  • also integrate with tactic in future(hopefully soon)
  • lastly, some secret features(which every knows in team,lols) on which i don't have consensuses with senior team, (taking screen shots / measuring social activity vs real work differentiation)

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