Project / Task Management & Tracking in 2017

Previously in my life, i have used MSProject(2003) then Dot Project (2006). Then for small scale projects google sheets works perfectly fine.
Since 2010 or so, i have used Asana and Trello and my life really went nicely with such amazing tools at free of cost for small / mid sized teams.
Recently, in last couple of years, one of issue i faced was not everyone in team has internet access due to various reasons. So i was looking for smarter / simpler solution for myself and team. In December 2016, i almost read about 10 to 15 software's here, compare here. Shortlist 5 apps, give them quick tests on internal Ubuntu Server in urge to find best tool. Each one of them is strong and complete and i have huge respect for development teams behind these tools. Conclusions below, didn't meant any comparison but truly are for my own brain, so i can save time in future where & when needed.

  1. YouTrack
    • Amazing and very impressive(personally i love it), if working with small team of dev's then its very reasonable, for artists, it might be issue to digest etc.
  2. MyCollab
    • I have actually used this for two weeks with everyone in team using it happily(almost). its only downside for me was, its based on Java or JVM(if needed, hard to setup on shared hosting). Setup was easier. well documented.
  3. ProjectPier
    • I really loved this one as well, themes were amazing, i love how they let you add clients and let them view their part / review etc. It was slightly bigger in context. Kind of CRM (not sure) but marketing / pitching phase tracking etc was cool(i might need that in future). only downside for me sub tasks addition / management wasn't too good.
  4. Kanboard
    • my only regret was i found this very late, almost at time, when i was a bit hopeless from each bit here or each bit there, tired of testing. Its super cool with easier installation and Git Hub community is very nice and supportive. Currently, using this, almost very happy. Learning few bits. Reporting is amazing as well.
  5. qdPM
    • its definitely beautiful, well thought out tool. this was second choice after myCollab. it has some additional good stuff over that, so i was about to move to this(before i found kanboard). my only blunder was, at some point, i wanted to remove multiple tasks (redundant) so i used select all from page(showing only redundant ones) at that point(actually it selected all of them). not sure, but they have some additional value able plugins which have cost attached.
  6. Phabricator
    •  smart name, smart company.lols, fun part is, i have installed it. realized, its so big, detailed, professional, well thought that we can't use it. generally this means, focused on developers team again. later on i realized using it. waow. it won't let you work comfortably without proper version control integration.
  7. OrangeScrum
    • wasn't able to setup successfully, but based on so many reviews, web presence,looks interesting. its more then project management.
  8. Restyaboard
    • its unique direction, i wasn't aware of previously. wasn't able to setup completely, a bit tough. looks impressive. idea of sandstorm server was really cool.

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