python tips v1

i am now used to of following(but tired of googling this again n again), just in case.

install python 3 ( assuming windows)

Console2 was better than windows cmd
i used it for quite some time, recently having issues with it using bash..
ConsoleZ, its definitely better. to set it for using bash (git) settings:

  • Shell: C:\Program Files(x86)\Git\bin\bash.exe -login -i
EDIT : 2019
On Windows : Cmder based on ConEmu is ultimately what i was looking for
On Ubuntu : Tmux is solution

virtualenv now part of python like pip else install (pip install virtualenv) and breath happily. common commands, i mostly need(use)

  • mkdir _env # create dir
  • virtualenv _env # set it for virtual env
  • env\Scripts\activate # activating env, (for cmd)
  • . env\Scripts\activate # activating env, (for bash windows)
  • or
  • source env\Scripts\activate # activate env,(for bash windows)
  • deactivate # deactivating
  • pip freeze > requirements.txt # updating requirements file (for future)
  • pip install -r requirements.txt # resuming from file again(if needed)

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