linux windows dual boot notes

previously( win xp and ubuntu 8 etc) it was easy and as follow
  1. setup xp first, using first partition
  2. setup ubuntu, using second partition or unpartitioned space, it automatically overrides windows boot manager and grub takes precedence and shows all options at start.

recently ( windows 7 and ubuntu/kubuntu karmic versions) little tough because whatever u do, windows 7 tries and eat boot load manager successfully and won't let you run linux easily. also there were enough confusions online e.g:
a- youtube search "how to setup windows 7 and ubuntu) few used wubi ( bad: virtualization )
b- google search "how to setup windows 7 and ubuntu ) few ok, but didn't get exact solution.
here is what i did and it really worked for me after few tries.

  • run ubuntu / kubuntu live cd/usb and run gparted
  • create 10 gb swap, 80 gb ext4 for ubuntu/kubuntu installation let remaining 80 gb for windows, untouched spaced. ( don't install, simply restart )
  • boot with windows 7 and setup in remaining space.
  • boot with ubuntu /kubuntu cd/usb again. this time, install in ext4 parition, i made earlier and this time grub installed after windows and it noticed partitions somehow and managed everything nicely, as i was expecting.