Nuke X cameraTracking Notes

last few weeks i was experimenting with nuke X features (primarily camera Tracker). all these shots are purely nuke, except the fact that text was written in blender and exported as FBX. below is output with notes / conclusions..

  • camera tracker is amazing, really strong
  • better than pfTrack but not as complete product as pfTrack is
  • nuke 3d shading system is not that good comparing to fusion for me.
  • cmi has made script to export tracking data out to fbx so next time i'll prefer to put 3d elements in fusion and finish there unless nuke gives good enough shaders mainly reflection / facing ratio bump etc. i know big studios can do this right now but generally from artist point of view, its still hard
  • another example is light casting shadows, again gizmos are there but its a bit hard. should be default feature etc
  • lastly, i heard atom kraft (google) 3d commercial renderer coming for nuke, hopefully it will make life easier
  • still in love with nuke customization, user friendliness, speed, and all other cool features. i wish they also start providing support for RPF fusion..