2010 wrap-up

WOW, that was fast. lot has happened and still a lot more left to do. quick wrap up of few thoughts here..

i have recently finished some minor tweaks in Blog Design. (Actually did a new, better one, but was booked by someone ). For quite some time, i was thinking about updating blog more often. As things finish. So i have just decided that i minimum should update blog once a month...by all means.

i took two online courses last year. Maths from fxphd and MEL / PYTHON with PyMel from CGSOCIETY. Both were good and extremely helpful.

i worked in two Short films (this is official now). Finished 4 main character Rigs in HICK. Also some prop rigging in DevilAngelsAndDating and still doing some more lighting work.

Some very interesting Devices  Released in 2010 and thoughts about them..

  1. Microsoft Kinect
    • one of the most amazing device, i have recently seen / read about. so much is going on in this context, will be updated soon.... salute to prime sense (company who did all of this)
  2. Sony PlayStation 3 Eye
    •  i know, they have also done "move" but my interest is in their camera is for exactly same reason i m interested in Kinect. that is building / capturing motion.
  3. Apple iPhone 4
    • even i m against Brand Price. Plus i haven't had good feelings since i tried first iPad (that was without multi-tasking). But they have made really good product. video quality is really good.
 Almost last half of 2010 was mostly busy with development (flash / maxscript / python(nuke)). It seems that 2011 will continue previous trend and probably get more into serious development.