Traffic Awareness Campaign, more flash dev..

few months ago, i was hired by Saudi Elan for flash game dev project.
project was about Traffic Awareness Campaign, which SaudiAramCo was conducting in whole middle east region.
Few USP's which i remembered after few months were..
  • total 5 games, packaged in a CD, decently designed.
  • lot of educational / reading content (traffic rules for kids etc)
  • whole project was MultiLingual. As you insert CD, you can choose your language, all content and games will be shown in relevant language
  • extremely cultural values shown in project, graphics / animation etc
  • 60,000 copies of CD distributes to whole middle east kids... wow.
roughly as per my memory, content was about

game 1: family going to shopping, MCQ's, arrange sequence correctly
game 2: family going to beech, MCQ's, arrange sequence correctly
game 3: aerial view of city, point wrong things in time and win
game 4: girl going to school and coming back, be-careful of traffic
game 5: boy riding bike in city, becareful and follow traffice rules to win.

lastly for me, lot of learning stuff and few conclusions and notes

flash TLF engine for multilingual stuff is amazing. i used XML based approach, so all questions in initial two games were simple xml files, where client can add questions in relevant language with all options as answers.
i develop a simple xml parser (engine) workflow, hand over to artists and quality assurance team, they keep adding what they like and removing as per situations and client feedback etc.

currently last two games were not done in ideal fashion. i think, for future, if we have to do same stuff, using proper orthographic engine would be better choice.

i tried convincing my client to go for same thing as air app. that way, we could have done more games and auto update system would work at all installed locations. i should have pitch more strongly....

happy flashing.