joomla 1.5

i just started, and on third attempt of putting it online, i noticed that joomla 1.5 (stable) has been launched. Quite amazing, because i have tested, joomla 1.5 RC4 (code name: takreeban) and wasn't happy, because it wasn't stable.
So i finally decided to take rist again, i know its not good thing to test things when short time and not sure about stability. thats what i am suffering from right now.
still below are my comments based on first project on joomla 1.5 after delivering two websites on joomla 1.0
make sure all the components / modules / plugins will work. it seems they will but actually they won't unless developers / community hasn't confirmed.
seyret video component didn't worked. but i was lucky enough to found xe-media galleries. they worked and they are good.
simple image gallery and pro version totally don't worked. developer is working on new version but not out. so i wasted almost 3 days with ahsan(radical) to find a new, easy to use (generate thumbnails from folders) one of main requirement from studio based websites. it all went waste. because there are so many galleries out there, a lot with plugin support rather than component (which is of no use in my case). i am still stuck at this point. Any way, hopefully it will be solved soon. Other than that, it is definitely one of the best joomla update i could imagine. They have really shrinked / reduced interface the way it sould be, slick, slim and smart.