Project Management ( Dot Project )

while using project fork for joomla and all forum based help / hacks, i wasn't much satisfied in terms of easy usage for non-technical pupil in ( specially when working with artists), i thought about searching web based project management applications / features
here is online wiki list which even compare features for almost all available web based project applications

also noticed that one of best products to this context are ( thanks to ahsan )

udpate:: ( after few weeks )
it has missing font issue in gant chart view
Error is that it cannot locate the file arial.ttf.
If the task is no longer marked as a milestone, this problem goes
away and the Gantt chart is displayable again.
This is just that the font file is missing. jpgraph doesn't supply
fonts anymore as part of their package but if you have a valid windows
license you can copy the fonts from there, otherwise you may want to
look at
If you do install the Microsoft Core Fonts, you should then also create
a truetype symlink in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts to point to
/usr/share/fonts/msttcorefonts. This will allow the library to just see
the fonts where it expects them to be and you shouldn't have to
configure anything else.
udpate2:: ( after few weeks )
few helpful tips ( remember stuff )
main help page
user vs contact
user is person who can login on dp, can update tasks (working as team member) (ideally users should have contact linked)
contact doesn't necessarily have user linked. client contact person could be contact. practically uptill now it does'nt worked so we even give them user ID linked with company representative of their own
static vs dynamic task Notes:

  • operative tasks should have one person assigned
  • operative tasks should be static (time measured)
  • milestones should be administrative
  • milestones should be dynamic

administrative vs operative task

approach 1:
milestones should be administrative and should have client person added as either assigned user or owner so he can reply to logs and update response
approach 2:
milestones should owned by team leads and they should update logs and send those to client intentionally to get review / feedback if needed