wordpress feelings

after a month:

i recently shifted my website from joomla to wordpress after realizing that individual doesn't need to have CMS and as most important thing is content its easy to display this with wordpress.

process i have done uptill now is mentioned below for quick and easy steps
  1. install wp on local system (just copy paste files/folder, unzip, setup db and ready to go)
  2. export wp from wordpress.com and import on local one and remove wordpress.com account
  3. install wp-columus (tag cloud plugin)
  4. install next-gen image gallery for quick ajax based typical gallery viewing features
  5. install all video plugin for video (flv) embedding
  6. install all-in-one-SEO pack
  7. install google-analyticator
  8. install wordstat
  9. install wngc(google calender)
todo: i noticed that all in one seo>> somehow not showing proper links, ideally catagory naming should work for seo as well, will work on this laters...
hopefully these notes will be helpful for other collegues (raj,jab,etc)
after a year:
it was wonderful and i love it. reason for switching to blogger was ease of use and tension free life. as my website start getting bigger, traffic start raising and gradually i need to pay more per year. the hosting company has already asked two times about additional money and i have finally concluded that i m going to put that on blogger.
i know i can use wordpress.com but i can imagine that as my website is going to be bigger or i m going to ask more features / support, they are going to ask for money as well.......
any ways, i'll miss wordpress cool features, there are so many and it will take blogger huge time....