CofeeBar RealTime Visualization WIP

last month i had a chance to participate in interesting real time visualization project with EVOLVE Studios. my role in project was to setup process for artists to export data from 3dsmax to Quest engine. This is third output build where following are done
  • RealTime Reflections on Floor, OK
  • Artwork/ Assets Lighting / Baking process test, OK
  • Pano Image testing working,OK
  • All basic type of shaders (baked GI,cubic reflections,metal,videos) are working,OK
Download Executable(Zipped)Run in FULL SCREEN MODE, when asked and for navigation use MOUSE and “WSAD”. offcourse right now you can go outside, but in final version this won’t be allowed and things will be interlinked properly.

1- exporters:
there are almost 3 exporters out there on web (panda from some UK guy, cgr from orignal company and another one)
panda works best for me for sure right now
cgr didn’t worked perfect, crashed max but it has a shader which is similar to orignal application and it lets you setup everything in max and even lets you view this as well.
approach 1: using panda exporter
  • needs to reimport data in quest and save pool / manage ( save cgr file)
  • becareful about naming convention its hardly workable right now
  • do shaders setup again for reflection / refraction / GI / alpha / transparency
approach 2: using cgr exporter (native)
  • directly export cgr file (good plus)
  • can also setup shaders in max (good plus)
  • just thinking why it hanged…
2- workspace/project/data management:
as a newbie best approach is
1- save workspace file
2- save default project pool in same folder with suitable name e.g (main file.cgr)
3- save all – so everything will be udpated and in same folder (temp project should be removed right now)
4- import data(.x/cgr) with new pool name and save in same folder