Stretchy Biped

Installation: Just drag-drop or put in your “usermacros” folder

Usage: 3dsmax>>customize>>lmRigging (assign key/quad etc)
Download: squashyBiped_v0.2

Update: new version add squash support (not physically real for volume calculation, but as per my liking aesthetically). also all reactor controllers now have been removed and expression controllers have been used.

Notes:The Script helps you to setup stretchy biped bones (arms,legs,spine,etc) quickly with 1 mouse click. It simply adds a parameter “stretchy” to first selected bone(modifier stack) from selection. ( you can copy paste modifier where ever you want after wards).

Example:if you want two arm bones to stretch and hand as controller parameter, just select hand and then arm bones and hit “make stretch” with optional “skip 1st”.
if you want whole spine to be stretchy, just select all spine bones and hit make stretchy.(parameter will be added to 1st selected biped bone)