linux Definations for newbies

ok, this is first post in Linux category, which will contain all of my Linux notes in future. i had moved to Linux almost 4 months ago. for first 3 months, I used dual boot and kept my windows installation with me. gradually, I feel less need to go to windows so I finally removed it.
i don't have any intentions to write against windows or force reader to move from windows. leaving windows was kind of personal choice for few major reasons

a- i was tired from managing / updating my anti viruses and still infected by viruses
b- my current job(wateen), we have an IT dept, its purpose is to provide technical support. they are not good at it. they have screwed my pc so nicely and threatened me that they will keep screwing my machine in future, so i thought i should have some better option.
Purpose of this post is to sum up basic information about Linux which will be helpful to al-most anyone who wanted to:
a- move to Linux but reluctant for some reason
b- just wanted to know more about Linux
Q: LINUX or not LINUX?
A: definitely LINUX
Q: why?
A: because there are more pros than cons
Q: OK, tell me CONS first (negative points)
A: lots of commercial applications (adobe products, few autodesk products) might not available in linux and you need time to migrate their comparable open source might not be that easy, after all, you need to invest some time(like u r reading here). if you are sure about your energy / passion / clarity / self-motivation / pro-active behaviour than you don't need to worry a lot. a simple example is i used microsoft office for documentation previously, and now i used open office(free open source application with same functionality), and it took me 1 hour to shift to this. more complicated example could be of adobe photoshop(hard to imagine that i can work without it) but practically it took me 2 days to shift to GIMP(linux version of image editing application.

Q: OK, make sense, tell me PROS

A: not sure, but here are few
stable OS like MAC(even more) fast enough like windows
processing speed is a lot better, almost all applications works pretty fast
no need of anti-virus (i know its hard to believe for windows users, but trust me :D)
n so no worries about updating anti-virus
little less involvement in piracy
no need to burn your OS service packs, keep back up of small utilities etc. everything is auto updatable(needs internet connection) and auto mantained.
just imagined that u r using winXP and at night it updated itself to vista. never gonna happen. but i started ubuntu 8. and one day, it said, should i upgrade myself to ubuntu 9 and it didn't took too long.
also think about having 20 plus thousand apps / utilites auto mantained. just type name n install latest version
Q: OK, sounds good but i work for graphics. LINUX is more for tech / dev stuff?
A: u need a break, browse web, read articles and update your info section (let me know if you need links)
Q: OK, which LINUX, there are so many??
A: yes, few hundred, i think so, that is one of major factor, ppl are reluctant in migration.remember, that there are 3 famous big brands
i started with ubuntu and living happily with it, mainly because it works and community is extra ordinary strong and helpful. i tested fedora and stop thinking about it with-in a day.
Q: OK, i check UBUNTU website and read articles. which UBUNTU to choose (KUBUNTU,EDUBUNTU, UBUNTU-STUDIO, etc)
A: yes, 30 + flavours, normal UBUNTU is good (closer to windows vista or 7), kUBUNTU is flashy (like mac), xfce is simple / fast version of ubuntu (think of it as win xp)
ubuntu studio is for modern multimedia designers. open artist is even more customised version of ubuntu and focused towards art / design.
Q: what is gnome/kde>> see its confusing...>> i am really confused
A: these are `desktop managers` UBUNTU is gnome based. kUBUNTU is kde based
read these:
don't need to worry much. any time you can move to any other desktop manager (if you don't like one, by updating)
Q: what is metacity / awn / compiz>> see its confusing again, same confusions
A: all are `window managers`. don't need to worry much.
read these:
any time you can move to any other window manager (if you don't like one)