motion builder study ( quick one )

recently i had chance to study motion builder for few days to help an old x collegue. output shown below was done in few days while studing almost all aspects of motion builder, which makes it unique from other similar products (actually dunno any other similar product).

what i really liked / amazing / cool features

1- keyframing difference
its actually little different conceptually, comparing to max biped, where while keyframing, i need to care about feet keys in terms of plant / slide / free. where as in motion builder all such features are for my ease while posing. it has nothing to do with keyframe data, as most of time, its saving and interpolating this in real time.
another decent thing, i really enjoyed is default interpolation seems quite good and produces better result

2- camera / storyWindow
ahh, its so good. i am amazed why such features are still missing from max/maya. amazing to shoot action from switcher. its totally like actual filming, where i can add as many cameras as i like and switch back n forth automatically while playing and viewing final output. too good. i really loved this feature

3- Animation Mixing / NLA
another decent one. easy to use. more intutive than max mixer/ biped NLA stuff.

4- Physics
quick / fast / entertaining / fun to explore and enjoy variations.


  • when i found more time, i should test this software more and try to produce better results. specially if possible testing it with combination of endorphin. togeather these two will help a lot to produce better quality quickly, while making it fun
  • motion builder for sure is better replace of biped. no worries about where animation data is. its always few click to retarget-load to new rig / character.