weekend exercise

me and two of my friends/collegues at evolve (raja and noma) decided to do some character based quick excercise on friday evening. purpose was to do little quick speed tests for different things we used to do in daily life.

we finalized 2 characters from book "DOT DOT DASH" (thanks to nida, for not asking that book back) credit for character design goes to artist who has done those.

day 1:

raj did that green guy (builder one) and noma starts boss guy.they handed me over base meshes(lowpoly form) to start on rigging after 2 hours. final models looked like.i finished rigs with CS same day.for day 1 ( 8 to 12 hrs) we were done with basic models and rigs.

day 2:

raja moved to character morphs and textures

i started with noma at reference for animation / scenario, we finalized monsters inc. shot where mike is training sally. after that, noma did all the animation body version, meanwhile i updated rigs with morphs to be animated.

day 3:

i refined all animations, even we knew there were so many errors / issues. but i rendered them with basic lighting / shaders and you can see the video below: