Brighto Paint App

i have recently finished few simple web applications for BrightoPaints. I was hired / contracted by Evolve (Company which is doing complete web campaign, website etc). My role in project was to work as flash developer. I had luxury of having a flash consultant as well (if needed), Huge thanks to Nadeem Manzoor for providing such a wonderful help  n support from his valueable time.
first and foremost important thing about this application, since its inception was, where user can pick areas (pre-defined) and fill colors and see final image. its almost same, but while discussions with client it has evolved a bit . Project can be seen at live website (BrightoPaints). it consits of few simple small apps / modules.

Paint App
paint application, where user can fill colors (from client data base) into images

Paint Calculator
estimate required paint amount (in-directly cost)

Color Browser
browse colors from client database and see other relevant color schemes based on simple logics.

this is my first implementation of OOP.
this is also my first implementation of Design Patterns. i have used MV design pattern.
evolve team still busy in filling up images and improving earlier testing masks, so quality of output is still WIP but generally application is working. hopefully, it will be finalised soon..

initially, we wanted to make this a product, which evolve can resell, but due to time contraint, we had to drop that plan and test possibility via simple implementation. Now when this proejct is over, i think, it still has its potential as product in evolve products catalog.
to do this, i have to implement MVC design pattern , so Custom GUI's and skins can be added per client.
plus, i also feel, i'll write two more simple components for this in future
1- search client colors via name or code
2- search client closests colors based on any user picked color via custom attributes, where user can give hue / sat / val ranges and search database.