photography lesson 1

few weeks ago(jan 2011), i was called by some of my friends at Evolve ( mahboob and nauman) ,got invitation for photowalk. i was given very special offer which includes
1- warning, that as cg artist, i should learn photography
2- warning, that as cg artist, i should have my own camera (DSLR)
3- offer, get training for free, one lesson a month, first lesson is gonna happen in that walk
4- offer, 7D and 5DM2 camera with few good lenzes at my disposal to experiment while learning.

offcourse, i accepted that. and below are my notes.

previously in this blog, i have put some images which i took while different trips. but i have to accept that, in all those occasions, i have given a good camera with "auto" turned on, i used to zoom / adjust frame and do click thing and feel good because of technology.

now in that walk, they have explained me, two new variables named fStop and shutter. fStop adjust range (area) around focus point and shutter adjust exposure to capture that range with sufficient light. for first few minutes, it was hard to remember and manage both variables. but soon, i get used to for them. Below are few pictures (20 approximately, out of 50 i took ) and i would like to put them here, before i erase them. so i can remember what i was thinking while taking and what i had learnt from each..

NOTES: i was told, that, typically, flower and or such images are not meant to be put somewhere... :)

NOTES: and then color corrected / tweaked images are also not appriciated.. :( so

NOTES: so i learned, i should give more time to frame, no harm in it..

and should always try to improve composition..(must hai)..

NOTES: should push khurram / master for next trip soon ( in feburary)