Hick Film Character Rigs

somewhere in 2010, i had a chance to work with Jess Herman. She is currently directing / animating a short film named "HICK". It is currently in production phase. I worked as character rigging artist and setup 4 main characters for film named "Bob", Joleen","Rosella" and "Mr.Fleen".
I am posting rig snapshots here, all characters are conceived / drawn by concept artist working in that film. and all characters are modelled by Jess Herman. Rest of my Notes are at end of images..

Notes / Comments

  • i used anzovin plugins to rig the characters, which include TSM and TFM
  • its most production ready tool, as far as rigging / animation thing is concerned.
  • its also one of best rigging tool, i have used so far anywhere.
  • amazing thing is their live support in forum. developers are always there to help. i was stuck at few points, and i found support amazing.
  • may be, in future i'll do a quick short tutorial about how to setup characters using this tool, current demos / tutorials are good, but missed few key points.
  • lastly, while adjusting face curves, manual is option if face proportions are strange. this is no symmetry tool, currently i managed to work, but in future, i think, i should write or someone else should write a simple scripted tool, which sees cv pos on left or right curves and mirror them on opposite side curves. sounds simple, shouldn't take more than a day..