common camera commands (MEL functions)

while working in maya, i always miss 3dsmax wild / precise / speedy environement. there is huge list of things to document in this context about customization. but attached are three simple mel functions which let me assign 3 common camera commands to short cut keys or quad menus, exactly as i have those in 3dsmax.

below are functions descriptions and then how to install those quickly (at end)
click function name to download relevant MEL file.

  • Create camera from view (DOWNLOAD)
    • equivilant to 3dsmax menu > view > create camera from view
    • no idea, if it already exists in default maya.
  • Select Camera From View (DOWNLOAD)
    • equivilant to 3dsmax > view menu > select camera
    • in maya view menu, select camera. now u can assign key, move mouse in view, hit, it will select camera, 
    • useful for quickly showing camera settings and tweaking
  • View From Selected Camera (DOWNLOAD)
    • useful when multiple cameras in view. 
    • easiest is, simply select camera in view, hit shortcut key, it will move your current view to look at from this camera
    • if no camera is selected, it will pop up a dialog similar to max ( with list of cameras)
    • picking a camera will update viewport
    • double clicking will close this dialog as well.
i think, installation is so simple, i can't forget that. incase you need help about that, feel free to discuss